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WELL Aging Sun Care

Bunny Body Butter Stone

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This is our Special Limited Edition version of a waterless, moisturizing body stone... but cuter!

Melts on contact with your skin for a luxurious, intensely moisturizing experience. Simply warm in your hands and rub everywhere your body needs deep hydration. Leaves your skin soft, without feeling greasy, with a light hint of cinnamon and sweet orange.

Hand-poured, each one may have a few "character" flaws, however, the ingredients in each one are of the highest standard.

Key Ingredient: Kombo Butter

Kombo Butter has been shown to have antiseptic, antiinflammatory, antioxidant (as well as many, many more) benefits. This means it can help with skin irritations, like eczema, can help heal scars, and can help reduce pain in your muscles or joints.

Comes in a handy, reusable tin. Just remember to keep out of the sun or it will melt (although, the Sun Bun version has been proven to hold up quite well in direct sunlight over several hours).

Customer Reviews

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Kathryn V Seibel
Bunny Body Butter Stone - love it!

Very moisturizing, easy application and sinks in! Leaves your skin feeling baby soft!