Affiliates, Ambassadors and Influencers - Free Products & Earn Money!

Join the WELL movement! Become an Affiliate, Brand Ambassador or WELL Influencer! 

Want to help spread the word about our mission, help contribute to animal protection, earn money and/or free products? We'd love to work with you!

We have three options to work with us: Affiliate, Brand Ambassador or Influencer.


Affiliates earn commissions for sales of our products. This is done through a special referral link and discount code assigned to you. You can post and share your link and code online or with people offline. As long as someone uses your discount code, the sale will be linked to you and you will earn commission from that sale.

Quick details:

  • Affiliates may qualify for free products*
  • Affiliates earn 15% commission for each sale
  • Affiliates followers, friends, family, etc. receive a discount of 10%
  • We have 30 day tracking
  • We pay Net 15 (pay out every 15 days - once commission of $50 is earned)
  • You'll earn a $5 bonus - just for registering!

Go to our Affiliate Page to register.


Love our products and brand? Want to work with us regularly and earn higher commissions? You may qualify to be an Ambassador!

To qualify as an Ambassador, you:

  • must have an engaged social media presence
  • regularly post pictures or videos using our products
  • have worked with us in the past

Contact us to apply.

Influencers / Bloggers

As an Influencer, YouTuber and/or Blogger, you may qualify for free products and/or paid posts. If approved, you also have the choice to become either an Affiliate or an Ambassador - if you want!

Quick Details:

  • Your message aligns with ours
  • You have a high-quality social media feed with good aesthetic
  • You agree to do posts and/or videos as mutually agreed upon
  • Depending on your followers and engagement, we may offer payment for your post(s) / video(s)

Contact us to apply today!

*To qualify for free products, you must be an Influencer, YouTuber and/or active Blogger. You don't need a large audience as long as they are engaged and align with our mission and values.