About Us

WELL Aging Naturals was created by women for women, for two purposes:

  1. To flip the script on what it means for women to age. Instead of "anti-aging", our goal is to change the focus to aging well (or WELL-Aging) and healthy while loving the skin we're in.
  2. To give women better options when it comes to high-quality sun care products that are not harmful to them, the planet or animals.

By now we all are aware of how detrimental UV rays can be to our skin. While there are definitely benefits of being exposed to the sun, it doesn't come without harm as well. As sun-seeking, ocean-lovers ourselves, we certainly encourage getting outdoors - but to do so with safe regard to your health. Which is why we've focused on sun care products.

Another reason for focusing on sun care products, is to raise awareness about the harmful effects of traditional chemical sunscreens to the environment. When our founder (a passionate ocean enthusiast and avid scuba diver), learned how just a tiny drop of some of the chemicals found in these sunscreens can destroy entire colonies of coral reef, she was shocked! This is how she started learning about alternatives using natural minerals instead, and set out to formulate a product she would feel good about using herself every day, that would still protect and nourish the skin.

After testing many different formulas, our very persnickety team has finally approved of a few that meet our high-standards. And WELL Aging Naturals was born!